Action Undertaken by MAKRA

The following actions have been undertaken on behalf of MAKRA members

Pre AGM – 2016-17

  • Circulated valid planning objections to all members to assist members’ individual objections to the planning application
  • Sent planning objection on behalf of MAKRA members
  • Reviewed objectors list to ensure all known objectors were included
  • Contacted local Residents Associations for support
  • Contacted local history and environmental societies for support
  • Contacted school PTA to provide information on the proposed development and highlight potential impact on the school community
  • Organised BBQ on The Green
  • Submitted a Village Green application
  • Scrutinised all 108 documents on planning portal as soon as they were available to view
  • Challenged incorrect facts and assumptions in various planning application documents
  • Conducted a traffic survey during daytime and night time which was repeated across several days to obtain an accurate picture of parking and traffic issues
  • Sent an 18-page response to the planning application traffic survey to highlight errors
  • Arranged a Resident Association speaker slot at the planning meeting
  • Submitted additional evidence for Planning Committee on the day of the planning meeting following Croydon Council stated procedure
  • Subsequently queried the absence of this additional information that had been provided for the Committee meeting
  • Instigated stage 1 complaint process with Croydon Council
  • Requested schedule of development works from Croydon Brick By Brick
  • Queried additional surveys that were scheduled
  • Requested results of all additional surveys
  • Made contact with other Resident Association groups across the borough, to enable the combining of forces regarding Brick By Brick development sites
  • Requested an escalation to stage 2 of Croydon Council complaints process
  • Contacted Croydon to ascertain the designated case officer as no replies had ever been received from Brick By Brick directly.
  • Requested that MAKRA were kept up to date with any developments relating to the building works
  • Responded to a reply from Croydon refusing to escalate the MAKRA complaint to stage 2 providing additional evidence to support escalation
  • Attended meetings of a newly formed resident association action group, which was a group made up of members of RAs across the borough who were affected by Brick By Brick developments
  • Attended the borough wide Resident Association Group which kept members informed of all activities, the latest few meetings being largely concerned with the Croydon Local Plan.
  • Submitted a formal complaint regarding this planning development to the Ombudsman and the complaint is currently under investigation.
  • Joined with 17 other Residents Associations and groups across the borough to call upon Jeremy Corbyn and the London Mayor Sadiq khan to insist that Croydon Council holds ballots of existing residents before going ahead with any redevelopments; there has been no response so far.
  • Reviewed the first construction logistics plan submitted on line by the developers and submitted a complaint as it was not adequate and did not adequately address the issues that would be incurred by existing residents during construction works  


Post AGM – 2018

  • MAKRA continue to request information regarding this site from BBB
  • MAKRA continue to challenge misinformation and incorrect facts issued by BBB representatives related to this site
  • MAKRA continue to request consideration is made for existing residents
  • MAKRA reviewed the second construction logistics plan submitted by Henry Construction and our comments and suggestions have resulted in the following:
  • Amended hoarding line placement away from the kerb road edge all around site
  • Amended placement of hoarding around site D1 to allow existing car park users to continue to use the car park nearest the lower entrance to the flats until nearer the end of the works
  • Posting of footpath closure notices for path no 599 to give residents the required advance notice as stated in regulations
  • Amended hoarding placement line around The Green for consideration of pedestrians and school children attempting to cross the road on this dangerous bend
  • Amended hoarding placement away from road edge to allow passengers to alight from vehicles parked

MAKRA are still greatly concerned about the loss of visual splay resulting from the hoarding placements around sites D1 and D2, as there will be no line of sight for vehicles driving around this bend in either direction, and no line of sight for pedestrians trying to cross the road.

This is an extreme safety issue which needs to be addressed by the contractors and Croydon Council and MAKRA have contacted Health and Safety Executive to request advice on this matter.

  • MAKRA will continue to request the contractors provide toilet facilities for their workers, as three weeks in there is still no provision
  • MAKRA have requested that no foxes are harmed during the works and have been advised that the contractors will liaise with the Fox Project
  • MAKRA have requested that no bats are harmed during the works and have been advised that the contractors will liaise with Bat Conservation Trust Partner Group
  • MAKRA have requested that no nesting birds are harmed during the works
  • MAKRA have requested that all deliveries are made outside of peak times ie not before 9.30am and not between 2.30 – 4pm for school pupil safety reasons
  • MAKRA have asked that Henry Construction keep residents updated during the course of works, and this was also stated in their newsletter. Henry Construction will provide a notice board on site for residents information although MAKRA have asked that one is placed both ends of the site
  • MAKRA applied for and were granted a licence to hold a street party on 19th May on The Green to celebrate the Royal Wedding in line with many events taking place across the country. However this was later rescinded by Croydon Brick By Brick who stated they now owned the land and refused access to The Green stating that ‘to do so would mean that we would incur significant contractual costs associated with delay’. Confirmation had been received separately from the contractor that hoarding works were not scheduled to start until 29th May on site C.

The Green is still fully accessible at the time of writing.

  • MAKRA asked for an explanation as to why the grass was cut on 21st May both on The Green and site D1 as according to BBB it should have already been hoarded off, and whether Croydon Council have paid for this or whether it has been charged to BBB.
  • MAKRA have requested that the decision to upload and immediately approve the amended internal layout of buildings on site D2, as represented in the online portal document ref 18/02094/NMA, is reviewed as the altered layout impacts on privacy and overlooking as it allows existing residents to have direct viewing access to the main habitable rooms of the properties on D2, as well as the bedrooms, which is a valid planning objection.

This document also quotes amendments to site B. The original plans for Plot B show green meadow roofs, and a terrace on the second floor and MAKRA have requested confirmation that the statement “gives direct access to top floor roof terrace” does not mean that the green roofs will now be a roof terrace as existing residents were assured that there will be no possibility of any roofs in the whole development being used as an additional garden/terrace for any future occupiers.