Rogue Traders

The following information has just been received from the Croydon Neighbourhood Watch coordinator.

25th October 2017

Rogue Traders Operating in


Christmas come early?

Beware the Christmas Windfall

At a time when people are starting to think about and plan for

Christmas, do not be tempted by the offer of easy money, stay alert like the lady who reported this to us.

An elderly local resident received a letter from a man claiming to work for a bank in Hong Kong. The letter claimed that a bank customer with the same surname as the victim, had passed away and that he had hired an heir hunter to track down an honest person with the same surname. Having now been sent the resident’s details by the heir hunter, the suspect wrote to the resident claiming she had been made the sole beneficiary of the estate worth USD$9,820,000 as no will was left.

The suspect requested her full details be emailed to him immediately so that he could complete the documentation. He said the funds would be in her account in two weeks. He proposed that they split the money 50-50, as if they did not claim the funds the money would revert back to the state.

Fortunately the resident realised that this was a scam and too good to be true.

If you see any suspicious activity, report it to the Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 03454 04 05 06

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